Fun Dive Weekends

fun-divers-weekendWant to dive more but don’t have a buddy?

Want an excuse to do some diving?

 No Problem!

We are putting together our fun dive weekends for the 2015 dive season. We will have a group of divers doing some training dives, and invite you to come hang out and dive with us and other guests and club members. We will be supplying the Saturday BBQ. There is NO cost to join our fun dive groups except for quarry entrance fee of $20. Registration required (so we can bring enough food).

Contact us to join in on the fun during our Fun Dive Weekends or and get some dives in! Check the events calendar for upcoming dates.





Fun Dive Weekend Dates for 2017

March 25

April 8, 29

May 27

June 10

July 15

August 19

September 9, 30

October 14

Looking to go somewhere different? check out our Weekend Drive and Dives.

Florida Springs: May 5-8

Cooper River: June 2-4

Moorehead: June 16-18

Murrells Inlet: July 21-23

Blue Stone: Aug 4-6

Cooper River: Aug 11-14

Lake Phoenix: Aug 25-27

Virginia Beach: Sept 15-17