Shark Conservation Diver

Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems. They maintain a balance in populations of prey species and keep the ocean healthy by removing ill or diseased animals. They are an important resource supporting local economies through fishing and as an attraction to dive tourists.

The goals of the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course are to inform students of the value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies, to educate them about the causes of declining shark populations, to build an understanding of what is missing in current shark fisheries management, to dispel misperceptions that may block them from taking action, and to inspire them to help sharks by taking action.

We hope to use the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course to turn divers into informed and passionate shark defenders who take action to protect sharks.

How Do Our Courses Work?

Patriot Dive Center now offers the brand new AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course from Project Aware, which will spark your passion for these magnificent creatures and provide you with the knowledge to help defend them.

We offer two versions of this course:

  • Diver: A PADI specialty diver course that counts towards your Master Scuba Diver rating
  • Non-diver: A general interest course for anyone looking for a great understanding of sharks. This is a great course for schools and organisations, as well as non-diving family members, since they can attend the same theory portions as divers.

We offer the non-diver version of the course to schools and organisations. Ask us for details.

Why study sharks?

- As apex predators, sharks are at the top of the marine ecosystem. Which means that they play a crucial role in maintaining population balance and the health of the ocean.
- Live sharks are also an important tourist draw in many parts of the world.
- Shark populations are in sharp decline due to overfishing; many species of sharks are near extinction.
- Public ignorance and commonly held misconceptions only contribute to the problem.
- The global impact of losing our sharks will be profound.
- We can improve matters by educating one person at a time.

What you will get out of this course

- Greater appreciation for one of the planet`s oldest creatures
- An understanding of what actions you can personally take to protect sharks.
- The knowledge to become an ambassador for sharks, able to influence those around you.
- New insight into shark behavior

And don't forget to sign the Project AWARE shark petition!

About the course - Diver Version


- Knowledge development sessions
- 2 guided shark observation dives
- Specialty certification, which counts towards your ultimate goal as a recreational scuba diver: the Master Scuba Diver rating.
- Special Edition AWARE certification card
- A donation to Project AWARE to support their shark conservation efforts.

Additional Course Details:

Prerequisites (Junior) Open Water Diver
Minimum Age 12 years old.
Student Provides Basic SCUBA equipment.
Required Materials Aware Shark Conservation Diver Manual (included)
Recommend Books Our World Our Water (free digital version included)
Provided Equipment None.
Course Cost $199 includes Lecture, Learning Material, and 2 Shark Charter training dives.
Additional Cost Any gear not owned may be rented from Patriot Dive Center.

Ready to Sign Up?

The PADI Deep Diver course does require registration prior to the start of class.  We offer a FREE orientation session a few weeks prior to the start of each class for an opportunity to learn more about the course and complete required medical and release forms.  Check out our course calendar to see which class works for you and then stop by or give us a call to reserve your spot to continue the adventure of a lifetime!