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THE FILL STATION Air, Nitrox, Custom blending, Tec Trimix and CCR support available

Patriot Dive Center provides divers with clean and compatible air fills. 
Are the inspections for your dive tanks up to date? If not, bring the tanks to our shop where we offer all the required services to get you and your tanks back into the water as soon as possible.

Our Nitrox system features 

For the technical diver, we have a custom mix station that can full-fill your trimix or decompression gas needs including rebreather fills.


Patriot Dive Center offers a variety of diving gas fills with a system that saves you time and a pricing structure that saves you money. Our dive center has a well-defined fill policy that understands the needs and expectations of Air, Nitrox and Technical divers.


Air (Oxygen-Compatible) 6-40 cf $6.00/fill 21% Oxygen Content
Air (Oxygen-Compatible) 41-80 cf $7.00/fill 21% Oxygen Content
Air (Oxygen-Compatible) 81-100 cf $9.00/fill 21% Oxygen Content
Air (Oxygen-Compatible) 101-120 cf $11.00/fill 21% Oxygen Content
Nitrox, Premix 80cf $12.00/fill 32% Oxygen Content
Nitrox, Premix 81-100 cf $14.00/fill 32% Oxygen Content
Nitrox, Premix101-120 cf $16.00/fill 32% Oxygen Content
Nitrox Partial Pressure Fill fee $3/fill Choice of 21% up to 40% Oxygen Content
Nitrox, Deco $0.65/cu ft. Choice of 40% up to 80% Oxygen Content
Helium $3.75/cu ft. Grade HP (Medical Ultra High Purity – 99.98%)
Oxygen $0.65/cu ft. Grade MBO (Medical Breathing Oxygen)
Argon $1.00/cu ft. Grade HP (High Purity)
Top Off FREE Not exceeding 300 psi


Additional fee of $3.00 per tank for custom gas blends other than our standard premix gas blends.

Alert! Please don’t drain your residual gas. If you want more of the same gas, we can add it. If you want a new mix, in most cases, our boosters enable us to adjust the residual gas to the new mix.


Benefits of gas fills at Patriot Dive Center

How to get the best nitrox advantage